Membership Membership in Leather & Lace MC

The fact that you are viewing this page tells us you are interested in learning more about how our sisterhood is organized and what we do specifically. We feel that one of the most unique qualities of Leather & Lace MC is the sincere feeling of sisterhood and the sense of family we share within our membership.

Our backgrounds, lifestyles, and careers are as different as each woman. Yet through our open minds and generous hearts, we've acquired something that cannot be manufactured, caring friendships that encompass entire families. From as near as next door to across the country, our sisterhood creates a bond that unites us over miles and across boundaries. It is a bond that even the hands of time cannot tarnish. We have put much thought and effort into building, organizing, and refining Leather & Lace MC into a sisterhood our members can be proud to be affiliated with.

Lace was founded with the purpose of making a difference while doing what we love... "riding.” Lace as a whole is involved in several charities. Our members sponsor a charity within their own communities. Through our commitments we have helped change the way many people view "Women Bikers.”

If you are interested in becoming a part of this great sisterhood, we recommend that you view the National website of Leather & Lace MC for even more information. Leather & Lace MC is looking for dedicated, independent women who wish to join a strong sisterhood. Leather & Lace MC is a serious motorcycle club. Plan on doing a lot of riding and even more work while having more fun than allowed by law. To become a full member of Leather & Lace MC and our chapter:

  • You must be a female 21 years or older
  • Own and ride a motorcycle 1100 cc or higher
  • Must have a valid motorcycle license and current motorcycle insurance

Click HERE to download an application!

Still have questions? Contact us below and we'll try to answer them!